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How to Mark the Occasions that Matter Most

For many women, this will be the first holiday season without a beloved spouse.  Most people will tell you that the first holidays without a beloved partner are the hardest to get through.  Survivors often talk about picking up the phone to do something familiar like reminding a loved one to stop and order a cut of meat at the local butcher, or to get the decorations out of the attic.   Then stop when they realize that’s a request they’ll never make of that person again.  It can be an emotional moment that is only healed by the passing of time, in some cases, or the close proximity of family and friends in others.  Making a memorial keepsake to place on the tree is a nice milestone to use to mark special day, and there are plenty of lovely items you can have engraved with their dates, favorite saying or likeness that can be obtained from Things Remembered and brought out at Christmas.

And if it’s baby’s first Christmas, there are lots of ways to acknowledge the newest addition to the family.  Engraved frames, ornaments, and personalized bedding and throws will have more meaning as the child grows.  All of these things can be obtained using Groupon coupon codes that will easily save as much as 20% to 30% off personalized engraving, and codes that will unlock free shipping with a qualifying purchase.  And Groupons are so easy to use, you can apply them from your smart phone or other mobile device.  They also have codes that can be applied online when you check out, or in the store nearest you.  And if you do visit one of their conveniently located stores, you’ll see for yourself the quality of the merchandise they offer.  Things Remembered strives to provide an excellent shopping experience so you can find the item that’s just right for to mark the occasion you want celebrated.

Whether this is the first year you’ll mark the passing of a beloved family member or friends, or welcome a new branch on the family tree, shop for ways to make the occasion special with a one-of-a-kind gift from Things Remembered.